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Video Editing

Video editing is hard. Editing videos that still look professional is even harder. We make it easy.

Introducing inscope

InScope is a new way to get video’s edited; quickly and professionally.

InScope is our on-demand video editing service that allows customers to only pay
for what they need; either when they need it (on demand) or to lock in a huge cost savings
 (over 40% off our already low hourly pricing) by signing up for a monthly subscription.

how it works?

You shoot video on whatever device you want; a camera, your phone, it doesn’t matter.

You send it to us, and we make it look like we shot it, professionally, on our expensive equipment.

It couldn’t possibly be any easier.


Send Your Video Files & Instructions

We’ll create a private cloud-hosted folder for you to upload your raw video files to and send you a link.

Upload your files and it drops into our editing queue.


Our Expert Editors Go to work

Our professional video editors go to work adding transitions, correcting the coloring, enhancing audio, and adding must haves like custom intro animations, lower-thirds, and subtitles. 

You’ll get the opportunity to select each along the way.


We email your finished video

Once we’ve completed all the editing, we will generate a version of the video in all the most popular aspect ratios (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) and share them with you in your private project (housed in Basecamp).

Don’t worry, Basecamp will send you an email.

What's included

Our on-demand video editing services includes all the following
value-added features at no additional cost to you

Click on any of them to learn more.

Trusted by companies big and small

2 Pricing options. 1 Great deal.

Choose from simple, affordable pricing by the minute,
or sign up for our monthly subscription and save 30% per video.


No Minimum

  • Buy as many video’s as you like.

  • Includes all services listed above.

  • Bulk discounts available.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.


SAVE 30%

Includes 2 Videos/Month 

In addition to all of the services listed above, subscribers also receive video files for:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn


No problem. Your credit is yours to keep and will rollover for up to 6 months.

That means that if you have 3 videos you need done up front, the first 2 are included in month 1, the third is included in month 2, and then if you don’t have any videos for the next month, you’d still have 1 video credit from month 2, for a total of 3 video credits starting in month 3.

Or, just cancel. We won’t ask any questions and we make it really easy. Come back any time.

No problem! With the InScope subscription plan the first 2 video’s are included and if you need more, they’re just $199 each with no minimum since you’re a subscription customer.

Don’t worry. Use the “Get a Quote” form and we’ll give you a quote for bulk editing and post production. We do discount for larger orders – so just get in touch.

We guarantee you'll be thrilled

We’re so sure you’re going to love the video’s we product, that if you don’t, you don’t have to pay for them. 

100% money-back guarantee.

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light, frame, and capture audio yourself (so we can do the editing).

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InScope - On Demand Video Editing Service

Video editing is hard. Editing videos that still look professional is even harder. We make it easy with InScope's On Demand video editing service.

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Animated intro’s are the icing on the cake when it comes to making your videos stand out from the millions of others already out there.

A custom, beautifully executed animated intro immediately shows viewers that you came to play, and are serious about your video production.

Check out some of the marketing video’s in our portfolio to see examples of the kinds of dynamic and eye-catching intro’s we can create.

Color is most often affected by lighting, and the only thing more expensive than audio equipment for video production is lighting.

The good news for you is we use very sophisticated software, and our amazing talent, to fix over-lit, backlit, over-exposed, and sun flares that may be present in your raw video.

The most common downfall of creating professional video’s is the audio.

Audio is hard, and expensive, to get right – which is why we encourage all of our clients to invest in something affordable like a Blue micro microphone or a simple lapel mic that plugs into your smartphone.

Regardless, 99% of the time we can take any audio that you deliver within your video, separate it out, remove background noise and punch up the levels on the main vocal tracks.

Leave it to us, we’ll make it right.

Lower thirds are on of those often looked over aspects of producing polished and professional looking video.

If you go through our portfolio you can see some examples of all the different styles of lower thirds that we can do, including custom animations to make them really pop.

You’re probably not a news anchor or professional actor (who knows, maybe you are!), but if you’re not, we’ll still make you look like one.

It doesn’t matter if you drone on with err’s or hmm’s, or if you forget your lines, just keep the camera rolling. 

You can trust that we’re going to pull out all the best parts of your video and deliver one cohesive narrative and video experience.

Post production can make or break video quality. Post production is where the editor puts the polish on the film to really make it stand-out. 

This goes beyond separating tracks, fixing the audio and color quality, and reframing – it’s where we bring our years of experience in film production to the table.

Unlike many of the other anti-social video editors out there, we love hearing from our customers.

At any time before, during, or after we’re working on your video’s, we encourage you to send us an email with questions (or to schedule a call to talk through your vision).

We’re always excited to get feedback from clients.

SEO (or search engine optimization), i.e. the practice of ranking higher on search engine like Google, requires text. 

So we include a full textual transcription of the audio for every video we edit, at no additional cost to you.

A Verizon Media 2019 survey of U.S. consumers found that 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile and 83% on desktop.

Subtitles are no longer a “nice to have” in modern digital marketing; if you’re making videos without subtitles you’re only catering to ~8% of your viewers. 

This is exactly why we include subtitles in all of our editing service videos.